Visited ICMD, International Component Manufacturing & Design Show, earlier this year.

Our sales team paid a visited to ICMD (International Component Manufacturing & Design Show) earlier this year. Learnt something from our peers and supplier upstream and users downstream. Many of our peers who’re producing linear actuators attended this fair. So did many companies producing medical care beds & chairs using linear actuators. The scale of this show is not that big. And visitors weren’t as many as one expected. It’s more important for us to work harder on our core competitiveness and better presentation of our strength in a less attractive market environment.

But it’s good that we did go and check it out and learnt something. It is always good to go out and see what’s new and what everyone else is doing.

2411 2412Are we going to have a booth here? This remains a question.

Post time: Dec-21-2016
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